Hand-tufted Carpet: The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Home and Yourself with Just One Click

Carpet and rugs have carved out a significant niche within the textile industry, amassing a considerable share of approximately $51.9 billion, with expectations of continued growth. The steady 4.6% annual investments in this industry demonstrate its dynamic nature and potential for expansion.

These timeless textiles, carpets, and rugs have transcended their historical status as symbols of luxury and evolved to become integral parts of modern interior decor. In the past, the intricate art of crafting these pieces required painstaking hand-weaving and stitching. 

However, advancements in technology, particularly the advent of the Carpet Planet, have revolutionized the online carpet shopping experience, leading to the emergence of hand-tufted custom rugs produced in larger quantities from Bhadohi (the Carpet Capital of India).

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